Activity Data Synthesis

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Five Filters news digest: 10 August 2011

A Tabbloid did in fact wend its way into my inbox this morning but it was a little bereft of life so I've turned to the trusty Five Filters website to create this week's blog digest. As before, you can generate a digest on the fly but I'll also be sending it out via email.

Just a couple of project updates this week:
  • the UCIAD project published their final project blogpost, including a video which gives a demo of the UCIAD platform, with an accompanying written commentary nestled below the video [and I can confirm that it's in with a good chance of winning both the 'techiest video I've watched' and 'longest video without a soundtrack' awards in my imaginary video award ceremony at the end of the year]. It's a shame we haven't got any more online exchanges planned because it would have been a good opportunity to get Mathieu to talk through the demo. I'll be interested to hear the results of the user feedback that the project plans to gather as part of their post-JISC project activity.
News from the twittersphere:
News from the synthesis team is that we've finalised the programme for the pre-conference ALT-C ['Improving processes by using activity data'] workshop which we're running on 5 September in Leeds. The workshop is free, includes lunch, and you don't need to be going to ALT-C in order to attend.


  1. Happy to talk through and discuss the UCIAD demo whenever there could be an opportunity for that. I just don't think that a voice over would be particularly useful. I could put music though :)

  2. Hi Mathieu, thanks - I'll make sure the team know that you're willing in case an opportunity arises. Maybe you could turn some of the UCIAD data/source code into music and have that as the backdrop ;-) e.g.