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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Tabbloid is dead, long live the tabloid

Technology has not been a friend of mine these past few weeks and after several attempts to rescusitate the failed weekly Tabbloid service I accepted defeat and looked for an alternative. So it is with great pleasure that I introduce you to the new weekly digest using FiveFeeds' open source MakePDF PDF newspaper maker. Alas it rendered as a series of mostly blank pages when I uploaded it to so the battle is not quite won, but if you click on the image above then it will dynamically generate the PDF on the spot for you. I'll also be emailing a copy out as usual.

So anyway onto the round up of the latest happenings in the world of #JISCAD ... if you look beyond my 'curses to all technology' headline tweets you will be treated to a rather uplifting post from the #JISCSALT project blog which reports a positively excited response from users to the prospect of academic library recommendations ... I don't have a data server but if I did then I would print out their article and tape it above :)

The #OURISE project have been dipping their toes into the robust anonymisation pool and delving beyond into the technical depths to look at how they will release their recommender data openly. They're looking for feedback as to the most useful format for the data they release but their current thinking is both XML and as a MySQL database. They're also soliciting feedback on their XML record format (which is based on the one developed by Mark van Harmelen as part of the MOSAIC project) so it looks like we have the makings of another 'recipe' emerging for our cookbook.

The #OURISE project have also shared some useful information regarding how they're making use of Google analytics to segment the behaviour of their users. And as if that wasn't enough, they reported that development of the RISE Google Gadget is complete and ready to be put through its paces in the user evaluations. I don't have the authority to hand out gold stars but if I did then the RISE project team would get one this week ;-)

The rest of the stories in this week's newspaper are from previous weeks and you'll be glad to know that I won't be treating you to a re-synthesis of those stories. Hopefully by next week technology will be behaving more co-operatively!

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