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Wednesday, 18 May 2011

A Slight Return - Tabbloid #7-ish

So you'll see that I managed to get Tabbloid up and running again - I asked it to arrive weekly, first thing on a Wednesday and it arrived on Monday instead and it goes all the way back to 12 April but I suppose you can't have everything - I'm optimistic that it will settle down next week and we can move on and forget all about this sorry episode ;-)

Last week the Information Commisioner's Office published the 'Data Sharing Code of Practice' and Tom wrote a useful overview of the report here on this blog.

The #OURISE project team hit another project milestone with the launch of their RISE Google Gadget prototype. It will certainly be interesting to see how many users take the plunge and add the gadget without much provocation and what the pattern of uptake looks like in the weeks and months ahead. Maybe they'll be able to compare notes with the #CULwidgets team at Cambridge who developed all manner of Google plug-ins as part of the JISC LMS programme.

In addition to completing the relatively herculean task of exporting usage data for 46,575 graduates for the #LIDP project, Dave Pattern appeared to have the audience slightly aflutter following his presentation at the CILIP Cymru Conference. You can access a copy of his presentation via his blog and I'll keep an eye out for the post-conference conversations as they emerge on the LIDP project blog.

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