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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Tabbloid #4: 4 April 2011

A tweet from the #LIDP project caught my eye - it announced the publication of a report by Deborah Goodall and the venerable Dave Pattern: 'Academic library non/low use and undergraduate student achievement: a preliminary report of research in progress' which explores the University of Huddersfield's finding that
"in some subjects, students who ‘read’ more, measured in terms of borrowing books and accessing electronic resources, achieve better grades."

A couple of other things that my internal Activity Data radar has picked up in recent days:
- - a pan-European competition which is offering a total prize fund of €20,000, including €1000 for the "Talis Award for Linked Data", which may well get some of you data geeks' hearts racing.
- The Government's ICT Strategy, which was released this past week, mentions open data more than once - and announced plans to establish the 'Public Data Corporation' to support the opening up of Government data and interfaces. Within 6 months there is planned action to: "To ensure that appropriate data is transparent and shared rather than duplicated, the Government will implement engagement processes for open data standards activity and crowd-source priority areas for data standards." It will be interesting to see whether this burst of activity has a ripple through effect to the world of academic data.

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