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Monday, 18 April 2011

Mind maps of problems and solutions from Birmingham

We've built Mindmester mind maps of all the impediments and solutions that were surfaced at the Birmingham programme inception meeting.

The main map shows all identified impediments and solutions. You can jump to a project specific map for the project that contributed a particular item or solution by clicking on a node (that contains a small arrow).

Some interesting items were potential sources of impediment/solution crossover as in these (clickable) screenshots

  • Visualisation crossover

  • 'This article is like that article' crossover (which is very interesting to me outside of the Activity Data Programme for an e-learning application)

  • I can't but feel that there are some interesting scalability lessons to be learned, though at a guess most outside of the current timeframe. I note here that UCAID is somewhat specialist, with triple store based experience, however, I believe that there is a growth path for activity data into the realms of triple stores with query operations via SPARQL end points).

Here is an example of two projects sharing a similar impediment, there are other examples in the data

There are also a gratifying number of known solutions in the data: There were about 20 known solutions vs 29 impediments/problems.

Please add a comment below if you see any similarities and patterns; this is very interesting for our synthesis activities (and, who knows, may lead to active project collaboration now or in the future).

Project mind maps are
  • Aberystwyth AEIOU Activity data to Enhance and Increase Open-access Usage Wales
  • Cambridge EVAD Exposing VLE activity data
  • Edinburgh OpenURL Using OpenURL Activity Data
  • Huddersfield LIDP Library Impact Data Project
  • Leeds Met STAR-Trak STAR-Trak Next Generation
  • Manchester AGtivity Exploiting Access Grid Activity Data
  • Manchester SALT Surfacing the Academic Long Tail
  • Open University RISE Recommendations Improve the Search Experience
  • Open University UCAID User Centric Integration of Activity Data

And our previous activity data project has a mind map too, of the most relevant things fr the current purposes
  • Sero and Hedtek MOSAIC Making Our Scholarly Activity Information Count

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