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Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Tabbloid #2: 21 Mar 2011

I was particularly excited to see a tweet signposting to this blogpost by Eric Hellman of Gluejar where he's done some heavy grade analysis on the "motherlode" of data released by the University of Huddersfield in order to look at the impact of Harper Collins' ebook expiration strategy. It's interesting to note how using that data is opening up the debate within the blog comments. The article also got me thinking about data dissemination and wondering what else needs to happen beyond making data open and then telling Lorcan Dempsey about it. Hmmm, food for thought over the coming months. A quick google search unearthed this useful post from 2008 on ReadWriteWeb which in turn points to the Open Knowledge Foundation's CKAN data hub which in turn holds information on Huddersfield's dataset and other library datasets, both open and not so open. It would be interesting to see something similar for examples of data mashups and visualisations with links to the open data they've used.

[Last week's Tabbloid features updates from the STAR-Trak and AEIOU projects]

A few websites that have caught my attention this last week or so:
[data released by libraries in Australia and New Zealand]

Also from New Zealand, the Reading Rooms project which "used ‘live’ 3D animation to rebuild the architecture of the Design Faculty, Unitec, Auckland according to what students were borrowing from the campus library."

The Guardian reported on David McCandless' 'consensus cloud' visualisation of 100 books everyone should read [based on this collated dataset]

This passed me by at the time but last year Mozilla ran an open data visualization competition based on their Test Pilot data. The winners were announced back in January.

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