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Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Tabbloid #1: 7 Mar 2011

Every week [edit: or every other week depending on the volume of new news] we'll be publishing a Tabbloid which is basically a auto-collated magazine of all the project blog feeds. For this first issue I've also included the #jiscad twitter feed but it adds a lot of noise to the magazine so I'm not planning to keep it for future editions.

This week's Tabbloid is largely made up of first blogposts and includes project plans and hypotheses for most of the projects so it's a useful read for anyone wanting to get an early overview of the projects and what their experimentations will be over the next 6 months. Of particular note is the #OURISE project which is already reporting significant progress in terms of their technical build work. Their observation about the additional responsibility of developing code that will be released as open source will no doubt strike a chord with the other project developers.

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